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The beginning of Western Civilization

Some time ago a billionaire philanthropist gave Yale University approximately three million dollars in order that a "chair" be established, with the intent of teaching a course on the origin of western civilization.  A considerable time elapsed, with no apparent action being taken to accomplish the project, which prompted the benefactor to call the president of Yale.

"What's the holdup?" he inquired.  The president of the University answered, "We are very grateful for your gift, but we simply do not know how to teach the subject.  We do not know how western civilization began."

If the educator had known the Bible, he would have had somewhat of a better understanding of the subject.  The truth is, the source of western civilization is the Lord Jesus Christ. But the human instrumentation used by the Lord was Paul the Apostle.

Western Civilization is a term broadly used to refer to a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems and etc., that have some origin or association with Europe.  All these were shaped or influenced by Christianity.

During the 1960's and 70's the anti-American hippie movements spawned riots across the college campuses of America.  The prime target of their discontent was revealed in their shouted slogans and chants.  "Hey, hey, ho, ho  western civ has got to go!"   was heard loudly and often as they hurled rocks and bottles at police and waved communist flags.

Judge Robert Bork, author of Slouching Toward Gomorrah, was an eyewitness to much of what transpired during this turbulent period.  He relates in the book how vicious the level of hatred was toward any values and institutions deemed Christian.  They viewed western civilization and all things associated with it as something to be scorned.  Not coincidentally, many of these protesters later bathed and got a haircut, going on to occupy positions of leadership and influence in our government, where they currently continue their efforts to eradicate any vestige of Christian influence in America.

But the initial event that led to western civilization is found in the book of Acts, when Paul had a heavenly vision wherein God directed him to take the gospel to Macedonia.  This was the first time the Acts 2:38 message was heard in Europe, and thus is the starting point of western civilization.

Today we owe our American history, heritage and freedom to Paul's obedience to God.  Without the gospel America would never have been birth in the manner we have come to treasure.


Praying for you,

Pastor Ritchey