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"Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord." Hebrews 12:14

  The choice of verbs relating here to peace and holiness is one that is very significant.  The verb, "follow," applies in this scripture to both peace and holiness.  It gives us a clean indication that both of these are things to be desired, to pursue, to seek after, things after which we must pattern our lives.  "Follow" means to go after in order to catch , to take up, engage in, to act in accordance with.  To follow someone means you go in their direction.  If they go, you go.  If they turn, you turn.  What ever course they take, you do the same.  If they don't turn, you don't turn.  You must always move in their direction.  If at any time you move in a contrary direction, you have ceased following them.  Even if your change of direction is only temporary, you have departed from following for that space of time.  If you are moving away from them, you are no longer following.

  We should always be moving toward holiness.  If you are not moving toward holiness, growing closer to it, you are moving away from it.  Every family, also every church.  When we move toward worldliness, however slightly, we have disobeyed Hebrews 12:14.  Every move we make as a Christian should be in the direction of holiness.  Every choice.  Every thought must be weighed on the scale of holiness.  Don't let someone tell you holiness is not necessary.  It is if you want to see the Lord.


Praying for you

Pastor Ritchey