The Bible is an amazing book.  It's amazing that it stands up to many tests of authenticiity.  But beyond that, it's particularly amazing when looked at from a spiritual and moral perspective.

  The Bible claims to be alive and powerful.  That's a tremendous statement.  I have never read any other living book.  There are some books that can change your thinking, but this is the only book that can change your nature.  This is the only book that can transform you from the inside out.

  You may say, "I am not interested in being transformed."  Then you probably aren't interested in the Bible.  The Bible is for people who have some sense of desperation about where they are.  It is for people who don't have the purpose in their lives they wish they had.  They're not sure where they are, where they came from, or where they're going.  There are things in their lives they wish they could change.  They wish they weren't driven by passions they can't control; that they weren't victims of circumstance; that they didn't have so much pain in life; that their relationships were all they ought to be ; that they could think more clearly about things that matter in their lives.  That's who the Bible is for, people who don't have all the answers and who want something better.


Praying for you

Pastor Ritchey